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Church vs Gospel Christmas

Posted on: December, 15th 2019

A comparison of the Christmas story from the perspective of the "Christian Church" as opposed to the new interpretations of the Gospels.

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What's Old is New Again

Posted on: November, 10th 2019

A discussion of the theology of the writers of Genesis and a comparison with Medievil thinkers and modern theology.

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Is Reality Spiritual or Material

Posted on: October, 20th 2019

A discussion of differences between early thinking of the Jesus communities and post-modern thinking and how this relates to our modern expression of language.

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Another Look at Heresy

Posted on: June, 9th 2019

A discussion of several examples of "heresy" from the 1st and 2nd century.

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Is Religion the Problem

Posted on: April, 28th 2019

A discussion of the dangers if fetishism in Religion.

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The Nature of Religion

Posted on: March, 10th 2019

A discussion of the value of Religion.

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An Original Creed

Posted on: February, 24th 2019

A discussion of Steven Paterson's new book The Forgotten Creed.

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The Philosophy of Ludwig Feuerbach

Posted on: December, 9th 2018

An examination of the thoughts of this 19th century philosopher who was a forerunner of Marx and of postmodern philosophy.

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From Theism to Post-Theism

Posted on: November, 25th 2018

A discussion of the move from Theism to Atheism to Post-Theism.

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Parables Misinterpreted by the Church

Posted on: November, 25th 2018

A discussion of how Jesus use of comedy in his parables was completely misinterpreted by the Church.

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Fate and Destiny

Posted on: June, 3rd 2018

A discussion of the difference between fate and destiny in the context of religion and politics.

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Lessons from the Mustard Seed Parable

Posted on: May, 13th 2018

A discussion of how the Parable of the Mustard Seed is a metaphor for the corruption of the ideals of Mother's Day, of the theology of Karl Barth, and of the Christian church.

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An Avoided Challenge from the19th Century

Posted on: May, 6th 2018

A discussion of existentialism and other 19th century critical thinking tools that were lost in the 20th century.

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History and Easter

Posted on: April, 1st 2018

A discussion of the beginnings of the Easter Story.

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The Parable of Leavened Bread

Posted on: March, 4th 2018

An exploration of the meaning of the parable about the woman who hid yeast in bread.

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Jesus and World Religions

Posted on: January, 28th 2018

A discusssion of the associations between the teachings of the historical Jesus and the teachings of Eastern Religions.

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Irony and Religion

Posted on: November, 12th 2017

A discussion of 3 types of irony and how they can affect our religious beliefs.

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God is Dead?

Posted on: November, 5th 2017

A discussion of the theology of Nietzche.

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FOUNDATIONS: Theology of the Gospel Writers - 1. The Gospel of Q

Posted on: September, 15th 2017

Series 1 Study Guide 1: The Theology of Q What is QThe Q Sayings Gospel is the earliest known gospel in the Christian tradition. No independent copy of this Gospel has ever been found; instead, the Gospel is reconstructed from parallel passages found in Matthew and Luke. Since Matthew and Luke u...

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FOUNDATIONS - 2. Taking on Mark

Posted on: September, 14th 2017

Series 1 Study Guide2: Taking on MarkMark is almost unanimously accepted as the earliest of the four gospels in the Christian Bible.The reason for this is simple: Mark is the worst written of the four Christian gospel andobviously Matthew and Luke made attempts to improve upon it. If Matthew and ...

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